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Corbin Technical Solutions Introduction

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Corbin Technical Solutions will contain blog entries that might help individuals, businesses, churches, and other nonprofit organizations in seeing how they can use technology to expand their services or to automate current services.  But in this first entry, I want to introduce our company and myself.

I have a bachelor's degree in computer science and have worked over 30 years full time in the Information Technology field.  When I started in IT, it wasn't even called that!  My first job out of college was working as a programmer for a company that wrote programs for schools.  Their systems did everything from scheduling classes to keeping track of attendance.  After two years I left their to go to work for the university from which I graduated, now known as the University of South Carolina Upstate.  As of this writing I am still there full-time as director of Information Systems.

My work has included writing program code in various languages, working with websites, designing reports, and much more.  Since beginning pastoring in 2004, my wife and I have used technology in our church to do television, radio, audio and video streaming, and more.  We did all these things ourselves. If we had had to pay someone to set up and maintain all this, our church simply could not have afforded it.  With one project, however, I did consider hiring someone simply because I didn't think I had the time to do it, and that was when we created a Roku channel (for those who don't know, a Roku is an Internet-connected device that connects to your television so you can stream programs from the many channels offered on the device).  I quickly realized, though, that if we were going to have a Roku channel, that I would need to read up on it and do it myself, which I did, because it was definitely cost-prohibitive, at least at that time several years ago.

We would like to take the things we have learned over the years in databases, programming, websites, social media, audio, video, etc., to help YOU meet your needs.  AND, we want to do it at affordable rates, allowing you to do things that you never thought possible on a limited budget.

We invite you to get in touch with us soon and let's discuss your needs and how we might can assist in setting up what is necessary to meet those needs.

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